New survey shows Calgarians want to know how their tax dollars are being spent

Calgary City Hall by Michael J on Flickr

Moreover, Peter McCaffrey, former research director at the Manning Centre and current president of a new think-tank, the Alberta Institute, believes taxes are difficult to accept because the results are often intangible.

“Whenever someone else spends your money for you, it’s much harder to see the benefit, and people question, much more, whether there is a benefit or not.”

McCaffrey says that could explain why some taxpayers aren’t satisfied with the city’s budget transparency.

He also adds that if you “control for population growth and you control for inflation, [the]government is still vastly bigger than it was a few years ago.”

As a result, Calgarians might be noticing the unsustainable growth rate of their local government and questioning the spending decisions of city council, especially if Calgary entertains an Olympic bid.

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