Alberta Minute: Calgary Council, Trans Mountain, And Carbon Taxes

Alberta Minute – Your weekly one-minute summary of Alberta politics.

Alberta Legislature by IQRemix on Flickr

This Week In Alberta:

  • Debate will continue on a variety of government bills, including Bill 10 (Alberta Personal Income Tax), and Bill 7 (Municipal Government Property Tax Incentives).
  • The legislature will also debate Bill 11 (Fair Registration Practices Act) which aims to speed up the process of newcomers getting their credentials recognized, and Bill 12 (Royalty Guarantee Act) which guarantees Alberta’s oil and gas royalty structure will not change for the next 10 years to provide investment security.
  • On Friday, the Minister of Municipal Affairs will meet with members of Calgary City Council. It was originally reported that the Premier would also be in attendance, but it has since been clarified that it will be government MLAs from Calgary.


Last Week In Alberta: