Alberta Minute: Committees, Courts, and Gas

Alberta Minute – Your weekly one-minute summary of Alberta politics.

Alberta Legislature by IQRemix on Flickr

This Week In Alberta:


Last Week In Alberta:

  • Some natural gas producers are calling for limits on gas production in an attempt to raise chronically low gas prices. As with the recent oil curtailment, some in the industry would like to see the government get involved to force the issue, while others would prefer to retain a free market system. A “compromise” has apparently been reached, that involves “voluntary” curtailments, but this whole episode shows just how problematic government intervention can be, as it creates more and more problems requiring more and more intervention over time.
  • Bill 2 (An Act to Make Alberta Open for Business), Bill 8 (Education Amendment Act), Bill 12 (Royalty Guarantee Act), and Bill 13 (Alberta Senate Election Act) all received Royal Assent on July 18th, and are now law.
  • Finally, in more court news, the Court of Queen’s Bench ruled that Alberta’s Mental Health Act is unconstitutional after a man was detailed against his will for 9 months – the court gave the provincial government a year to fix the law, so expect to see some legislation on this issue coming forward soon.