Alberta Minute: Sunshine Lists, Oil Curtailment, and Electricity Markets

Alberta Minute – Your weekly one-minute summary of Alberta politics.

Alberta Legislature by IQRemix on Flickr

This Week In Alberta:

  • Obviously, the House is still on break for Summer, and this week there are no Committee meetings either. The next scheduled Committee meeting is a Special Standing Committee on Members’ Services meeting on August 6th.
  • The Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship is reviewing the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act (Alberta’s sunshine list) and is now accepting submissions from the public on this process. Submissions are open until September 9th, and details of how to submit are available here.
  • A deal to handover the government’s oil-by-rail contracts to the private sector is reportedly close to being signed. The deal is designed to break the catch-22 the industry is currently caught in where the lack of oil transportation capacity deflates prices necessitating the production curtailment, but, at the same time, the production curtailment makes oil-by-rail a less attractive investment.


Last Week In Alberta: