Alberta Minute: Federal Overreach, Price Caps, and Sick Days

Alberta Minute – Your weekly one-minute summary of Alberta politics.

Alberta Legislature by IQRemix on Flickr

This Week In Alberta:


Last Week In Alberta:

  • Federal Bill C-69 entered into law, allowing the federal government to regulate industrial projects like pipelines and mines in Alberta and other provinces. The Alberta government immediately announced a constitutional challenge arguing that “Under the constitution, Alberta has clear and sole jurisdiction over the development of our natural resources.”
  • As we have long advocated for, the government allowed the NDP’s auto insurance price cap to expire yesterday. While everyone would love to pay less for the same service, in reality, the government has no ability to magically make things cheaper by legislative fiat. Price caps inevitably lead to lower quality services and less innovation.
  • A Canadian Taxpayers Federation report showed that Alberta government workers took an average of 14.4 sick days last year – more than any other province’s government workers or federal government workers. Private sector workers in Alberta average just 5.7 days. No-one is suggesting that sick people should be forced to go to work, but these stats make it clear that well people aren’t going to work.