Alberta Minute: Sunshine List, AUMA Convention, and Corporate Welfare

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Alberta Legislature by IQRemix on Flickr

This Week In Alberta:


Last Week In Alberta:

  • Premier Kenney spoke at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Convention in Edmonton where he said to expect “modest spending restraint” rather than dramatic 1993-style budget cuts. That’a shame because we think it’s actually the previous government’s spending binge that was dramatic, and some cuts to fix the budget sooner rather than later are responsible, not dramatic.
  • Also at the AUMA Convention, Municipalities were put on notice by the Minister of Municipal Affairs who told Councillors that they will be expected to do their part to help bring the province’s finances back to balance. The province is hoping that when they enact modest spending cuts, municipalities don’t just raise their own taxes to compensate. Good luck with that!
  • The Canadian Taxpayers highlighted some corporate welfare being handed out by the UCP government. Interestingly, we have discovered that this $10 million is being given to the same group that received *another* $10 million for almost exactly the same project back in 2015. The two press releases are almost identical! If corporate welfare works so well, why did this company need even more of it just 4 years later? We thought we’d left behind this kind of nonsense in May.