The Alberta Institute is an independent, libertarian, public policy think tank that aims to advance personal freedom and choice in Alberta.

Founded in 2018, we work to develop and promote solutions to a wide range of municipal, provincial, and federal public policy issues in a strictly non-partisan way.

Our solutions are informed by our belief in a free and open society built on individual rights, private property, peace, voluntaryism, free markets, free minds, free trade, free movement, self-ownership, and reason.

We promote these beliefs through a wide variety of activities and actions, including research, data analysis, publications, newsletters, advocacy, events, conferences, and more.




The Alberta Institute’s work is funded by thousands of small-dollar donors from across Alberta who believe in - and wish to support - our mission.

We don’t accept any government funding - and we never will - because we think Albertans should be free to choose, for themselves, which organizations to support.

The donations we receive from our supporters allow us to hire dedicated research staff and volunteer coordinators, publish and promote our findings, host events to help get the message out and connect with the community, offer internships and other opportunities to young Albertans, and much more.

We also depend on our grassroots volunteers, spread across nearly every community in the Province, to help with our mission of advancing personal freedom and choice across Alberta.