Alberta Minute: City Growth, Personal Information, and a Lighthearted Playoff Wager

Alberta Minute: City Growth, Personal Information, and a Lighthearted Playoff Wager

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This Week In Alberta:

  • In what is likely to be the last week of the Legislature before recess, there will be afternoon sittings Monday through Thursday, and evening sittings on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. There will also be one Committee meeting - the Standing Committee on Public Accounts will meet on Tuesday at 8:00 am to discuss the Ministry of Affordability and Utilities.

  • The deadline for public submissions on the review of Alberta's Personal Information Protection Act is set for May 31st 4:30 pm. The Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship is currently inviting feedback from both organizations and individuals to gauge experiences with the current legislation and suggestions for improvements. This Act, which was last reviewed in 2016, provides guidelines for private sector organizations on the management of personal data and granting individuals rights to access their information. For those interested in making their voices heard, details for submissions can be found on the Committee's website.

  • As the NHL playoffs progress, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are involved in a lighthearted wager over the upcoming series between the Edmonton Oilers and the Dallas Stars. Premier Smith has bet that if the Oilers win, Governor Abbott will have to publicly enjoy an Alberta rib steak and acknowledge its quality. Conversely, Abbott has countered that if the Stars win, Smith must do the same with a Texas ribeye.


Last Week In Alberta:

  • The latest estimates from Statistics Canada showed remarkable population growth in Calgary and Edmonton, with Calgary's metro-area population increasing by nearly 96,000 people (a 6% rise), and Edmonton adding over 63,000 people (a 4.2% increase) in just one year. These figures represent the largest year-over-year increases recorded since modern statistics began in 2001. The majority of this growth is attributed to immigration and interprovincial migration, with both cities experiencing substantial gains from international and domestic moves, far outpacing natural population growth.

  • A new program replaced the GED in Alberta, allowing residents without high school diplomas to register for the Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC). The CAEC aims to better reflect the diverse needs and cultures in Canada, including Indigenous, francophone, and multicultural communities. Developed with the collaboration of eight provinces and territories, Alberta was selected to lead the initiative due to its expertise in educational assessments. The province will also house the national CAEC Testing Service and oversee test administration. The CAEC will offer tests in English and French in subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Previous GED test results can be applied to the CAEC for up to three years, and the GED will still be recognized as valid.

  • Premier Danielle Smith visited Anchorage, Alaska, on Victoria Day to meet with Governor Mike Dunleavy. They discussed enhancing business ties and energy production collaboration. Smith also participated in a panel at the Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference, covering topics like oil and gas, renewable energy, and artificial intelligence. In 2023, bilateral trade between Alberta and Alaska totaled nearly $383 million, primarily in refined oils, supporting over 3,800 jobs across both regions. Smith traveled with three staff members, and mission expenses will be disclosed on the government's travel and expense page.




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