Alberta Minute: Economic Plans, Emergency Debates, and an Alberta Pension Plan

Alberta Minute: Economic Plans, Emergency Debates, and an Alberta Pension Plan

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This Week In Alberta:


Last Week In Alberta:

  • The UCP announced a plan to boost the economy which included some good and some bad news. On the good side, the previously announced corporate tax cut, from 10% to 8% over the next two years, was sped up and the full cut to 8% took effect on July 1st.

  • The bad news in the plan was the creation of a new investment agency dubbed "Invest Alberta Corporation" and an "Innovation Employment Grant". While full details of how these new programs will work aren't available yet, we're very worried about the trend towards more and more corporate welfare.

  • While "hands off my pension" trends in the echo-chamber of #ableg Twitter, Licia Corbella clarified the facts. The Canadian Pension Plan is an unfunded liability where, much like everything else in Confederation, Albertans are contributing extra to keep the scheme afloat. Albertans contribute disproportionately to the CPP because of our younger population, higher incomes, and historically higher employment rates, meaning every single Albertan is paying out more than they'll ever collect. If Alberta withdrew from the CPP and created an Alberta Pension Plan, our contribution rate could be reduced from 9.9% to 5.85%. (Or we could keep contribution rates the same, and increase pension payments.)




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