Alberta Minute: Election Results, Victory Speech, and Automatic Recounts Triggered

Alberta Minute: Election Results, Victory Speech, and Automatic Recounts Triggered

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This Week In Alberta:

  • With the provincial election wrapped up (more on the results below!), Danielle Smith must now choose her new cabinet. Most returning Ministers are expected to be re-appointed, with the main speculation being over which new MLAs will make the cut, and who will get which positions. Final official results aren't due until June 8th, and there could still be a few changes after recounts are completed (see below).

  • Oil and gas production is mostly back up and running in the province as danger from wildfires subsides. At one point, the shutdowns across the province amounted to a drop in production of more than 200,000 barrels of oil per day.

  • The Town of Cardston will consider next steps after a plebiscite that saw residents narrowly vote in favour of allowing alcohol sales in the dry town. While 53% of voters said yes, the results of the plebiscite are non-binding and the debate will now go back to council who will use the result to inform their decision. A similar referendum on the issue failed in 2014 with just 24% in favour.


Last Week In Alberta:

  • Danielle Smith and the United Conservative Party won 48 seats to the NDP’s 38, giving them a clear majority in the Legislature. In the end, despite a close race in Calgary, the UCP won the popular vote with almost 53% - less than 2% lower than in 2019, and higher than the combined PC and Wildrose vote share in 2015. The NDP garnered 44%. Once again, polls overestimated the NDP's final result and underestimated the UCP's performance, but by a reduced amount this time compared with 2019.

  • In her victory speech, Smith said that she is bracing for a fight with Ottawa over its anti-energy policies. She said Justin Trudeau intends to ramp up his anti-energy attacks in the coming weeks, with net-zero electricity policies on the horizon along with more aggressive emissions targets and a rebranded Just Transition plan to phase out oil and gas. “As Premier, I cannot under any circumstances allow these contemplated federal policies to be inflicted upon Albertans. I simply can’t, and I won’t,” she said.

  • An extremely close election triggered an automatic recount in two Calgary ridings. Calgary-Acadia and Calgary-Glenmore, previously held by the UCP, were called for the NDP on election night. Incumbent Tyler Shandro (Calgary-Acadia) received seven fewer votes than his challenger, and incumbent Whitney Issik (Calgary-Glenmore) lost her race by 30 votes. Official results will be released on June 8th.




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