Alberta Minute: Equalization Payments, PST Push, and Three Carbon Tax Court Cases

Alberta Minute: Equalization Payments, PST Push, and Three Carbon Tax Court Cases

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This Week In Alberta:


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  • Premier Kenney is demanding Ottawa return $6.5 billion in so-called "reverse equalization". But is $6.5 billion enough? Between 1961 and 2020, Albertans paid $661 billion more to Ottawa than we have received back in federal spending. What we really need is structural reform, not a 1% refund.

  • The full-court press for a Provincial Sales Tax by unions, left-wing activists, and media continued with a new poll showing a growing (but still minority) share of Albertans support the idea. Most concerning, UCP Finance Minister, Travis Toews, refused to rule out introducing a sales tax, committing only that it wouldn't happen just now.

  • Taxes continue to be an average family's largest annual expense, even during the current pandemic, according to an annual report released by the Fraser Institute. The average Canadian family (including single Canadians) earned $91,535 and paid $38,963 in total taxes - that’s 42.6% of our income going to taxes. To put this in perspective, the second highest expenditure for the average Canadian family was housing costs (including rent and mortgage payments) and totalled $19,685 or 21.5% of average income.





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