Alberta Minute: Expedited Immigration, Unjust Transition, and COVID Response Review

Alberta Minute: Expedited Immigration, Unjust Transition, and COVID Response Review

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This Week In Alberta:

  • The Legislature is still adjourned. There are no Committee meetings this week either.

  • The Alberta Community Justice Awards are currently accepting nominations for individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to enhancing safety in Alberta's communities. Eligible nominees include youth justice committees, restorative justice programs, victim services organizations, police officers, or anyone who has made exceptional contributions to community justice. Nominations must be submitted by 12:00 pm on February 10th.

  • Eligible Albertans who have not yet applied for the Province’s affordability payments can still do so online. Those who are already receiving Alberta Seniors Benefits, AISH, or PDD will receive the funds automatically and do not need to apply.


Last Week In Alberta:

  • The Alberta government announced a new initiative to expedite the immigration process for individuals with necessary skills and family ties to the province. The "Alberta Advantage" Immigration Program will now reserve 25% of its Express Entry stream nominations for individuals with experience in high-demand fields and an immediate family member residing in Alberta. The program is primarily focused on economic growth, so ​​workers with skills in construction, trades and engineering, computer programming, nursing, office support, and teaching, among others, will be prioritized.

  • Both Premier Danielle Smith and Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley have expressed their opposition to the recently proposed "just transition" plan. The plan, put forth by the federal government, would eliminate jobs in key sectors such as oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and forestry. If you haven’t already signed the petition from our friends at Project Confederation, you can do so here.

  • Preston Manning has been selected to chair the committee responsible for reviewing Alberta's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel will evaluate the government's decisions and their impact on jobs, children, mental health, and the protection of rights and freedoms. The committee will review orders in council and legislation that occurred during the pandemic. Manning will select the panelists, and the group will gather feedback virtually from experts and the public, before providing a final report and recommendations by November 15th.




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  • Kaz Godzwon
    commented 2023-01-23 20:39:17 -0700
    The COVID-19 pandemic response review is a total waste of money. Anybody with an IQ of 80 can get the answer to the government. Will this be the answer that Alberta Gov. wants, that’s the 2 million $$$ question.
    Here it looks like the nice shakedown. Alberta Gov. pays $2 mln, and gets what it wants. Now, the question is, what are they going to do with this report. NOTHING, exactly NOTHING. The news cycle will be ~48 hrs, and report will be shelved, NOT to see daylight again. When the next crisis rolls in Alberta Gov will do what they are told by the same invisible hand that gave the entire world the same prescription – LOCKDOWN. 2 weeks first – and if all goes according to THEIR plans, it’s going to be 2 years again. The report that will be prepared by Preston Manning, nobody will care, or even talk about it.
    “Governments took every emergency pandemic plan they’d ever written and threw them out the window when COVID arrived.” — Emergency management expert David Redman.
    But this time for sure is going to be different. REALLY? Have we learned anything? Hell NO. We are spending $2 mln of taxpayers money again, just because government knows better, what to spend money on. Never mind the bad optics, paying $250K to Preston Manning. Premier Danielle Smith – pay me $2,500, and I will deliver 1 page essay on the same issue, and YOU Premier Smith can read it, and shelve it yourself.
    We are your supporters, we voted for YOU, we bought UCP membership, but this is TOTAL WASTE of taxpayers money. We want this to be CANCELLED. STOP WASTING MONEY. Are WE RICH again? Oil and gas is UP so WE can waste the money for politicians PET projects.
  • Kaz Godzwon
    followed this page 2023-01-23 19:57:13 -0700
  • Alberta Institute
    published this page in News 2023-01-22 23:12:54 -0700