Alberta Minute: Referendum Time, Municipal Elections, and a Union Pay Hike

Alberta Minute: Referendum Time, Municipal Elections, and a Union Pay Hike

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This Week In Alberta:

  • Today is finally the day for the Equalization referendum here in Alberta. Vote yes to signal support to remove equalization from the Constitution, or vote no to signal support to keep equalization in the Constitution. Our friends at Project Confederation have been doing excellent work in the lead-up to this referendum, pointing out that Albertans has transferred $240 billion in the last 13 years alone, often to provinces that have stymied economic development here in Alberta. If you think this is unfair, as we clearly do, then vote YES in this critical referendum.

  • Senate elections and a referendum about Daylight Savings Time will also be on the same provincial ballot you will receive today. While it seems unlikely Justin Trudeau will appoint whomever Alberta elects for Senate positions, a future Prime Minister might. The Daylight Savings referendum, meanwhile, asks Albertans if they’d like to adopt summer hours year-round, which would eliminate the need to change clocks and delay sunrise and sunset in the winter months.

  • Finally, we have been asked by some “How exactly do I participate in these referenda?” Easy. When you go to vote in your municipal elections, you will be handed a separate second ballot with the Equalization Referendum, Daylight Savings Referendum, and Senate Elections on it, in addition to your municipal and school trustee ballot. You’re not required to mark your municipal ballot for your provincial votes to count, and vice versa.


Last Week In Alberta:

  • The provincial government tried to spin the rising unemployment rate as good news because roughly 20,000 jobs were created. While 20,000 jobs are great, the unemployment increased to roughly 8.1%, higher than the national average of 6.9%. Not great.

  • The provincial government launched their app to scan the previously released provincial vaccination QR code. Bets on how long it will be until there's a hack or leak?
  • The Alberta government has reached an agreement with AUPE government employees for a wage freeze in 2022, followed by a 1.25% increase in January 2023 and another increase in September 2023 that would be determined by economic conditions. The agreement also includes a promise to not contract out any maintenance jobs until at least 2023.




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