Election 2023: Campaign Roundup - Day 15



Welcome to Day 15 of our Alberta 2023 Campaign Roundup!

With the 2023 Alberta election now finally underway, I'll be bringing you daily updates on all the policy proclamations, platform promises, and political point-scoring from the campaign trail.



Campaign Roundup - Day 15:


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  • Polls continue to swing back and forth, with new polling from Janet Brown showing the UCP ahead by 51% to 40% province-wide. Crucially, her poll also shows the UCP leading in the key battleground of Calgary by 51% to 39%.

  • The weekend’s hot, dry conditions brought more wildfires and more evacuation orders. There are now almost 20,000 people who have been forced to flee their homes. New evacuation orders were issued for Rainbow Lake, parts of Leduc County, and Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation.

  • Rachel Notley clarified her position on “safe supply”, coming out in support of the programs that provide pharmaceutical replacements for opioids, but called claims that her party wants to provide hard drugs “utterly ridiculous”.

  • Rachel Notley made an announcement on her Twitter feed, promising to invest in the arts. The NDP, if elected, promised to provide 50% more funding for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, an Arts Capital Grants Program, and a Live Entertainment Advisory Council.

  • The NDP also held a press conference promising to eliminate the small business tax (from its current 2% rate). She also promised that, if elected, her party would not raise personal income taxes, nor would they go down the road of a PST.

  • The UCP held a press conference announcing new measures to deal with the mental health and addiction crisis. If re-elected, the UCP would draft and pass the Compassionate Intervention Act, which would allow a family member, doctor, psychologist, or police officer to petition a judge to issue a treatment order.

  • Danielle Smith said that providing more drugs to people is not a way to address public safety, nor is it a compassionate way to treat people suffering from addiction. Instead, she promised to build a series of five mental wellness centres, each with 75 beds, as well as add 700 new addiction beds at 11 existing treatment centres.

  • Brian Jean, UCP Candidate for Fort McMurray - Lac La Biche, reminded Albertans of the anti-energy positions of some NDP candidates. He also filmed a video about Danielle Smith’s strong opposition to Justin Trudeau’s anti-energy policies and Rachel Notley’s silence.



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  • Jackie Cutter
    commented 2023-05-15 17:57:01 -0600
    I have supported you for a long time and I want to continue to support you as a grandparent. My grandkids are home schooled so this is important. To me, it seems from your platform, that you are only in support of the NDP now. That’s different from when I started. I am wondering why you have changed your support. I am not in favor of the sexualization of our children nor the politicizing of the cross-gender idolizing to our children in a school setting. I have friends and family in this category so do not think that I am a bigot or racist. That is the NDP go-to reaction, which shames me to be a NDP person.

    It is tax dollars that make you work. Notley is kind of a welfare system that does not legitimize your concerns. To me, these concerns are more valid than ever before so that is your status of public support during election times.
  • Peter McCaffrey
    published this page in News 2023-05-15 17:16:28 -0600