No Taxation Without Representation

Sign the petition to stop the minority Liberal government from unilaterally taking over the government for 2 years.

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  • Rebecca Dallaire
    signed via 2020-03-31 15:06:09 -0600
  • Ivan Tonn
    signed 2020-03-31 13:29:04 -0600
  • Anita Gale-Clark
    signed 2020-03-31 13:21:39 -0600
  • Rick Cairns
    signed 2020-03-31 12:36:06 -0600
  • Shirley Luniw
    signed 2020-03-31 11:25:32 -0600
  • Joyce Johnson
    signed via 2020-03-31 11:10:41 -0600
  • philip hope
    signed 2020-03-31 11:08:14 -0600
    philip hope
  • Evelyn Huff
    signed via 2020-03-31 09:52:42 -0600
  • Darren Williams
    signed via 2020-03-31 06:12:16 -0600
  • richard muir
    signed 2020-03-31 03:04:48 -0600
    richard muir
  • Tanya Pambrun
    signed via 2020-03-30 23:43:31 -0600
  • Scott Spence
    signed 2020-03-30 23:36:34 -0600
  • Stephen Hunter
    signed 2020-03-30 22:41:02 -0600
  • Lori Reinhardt
    signed via 2020-03-30 22:39:35 -0600
  • Yvonne Bardoel
    signed 2020-03-30 21:09:31 -0600
  • Elizabeth Doak
    signed via 2020-03-30 17:23:38 -0600
    Elizabeth Doak
  • Inez Glover
    signed 2020-03-30 16:48:56 -0600
  • Steven VanLochem
    signed via 2020-03-30 15:34:22 -0600
  • Ted Elliot
    signed 2020-03-30 15:24:52 -0600
    My personal theory: It’s my understanding that Mr. Justin Trudeau is quarantined with his family because Mrs. Trudeau is diagnosed with COVID-19. If Mr. Trudeau isn’t showing symptoms, could it be because, sometime in his past, he developed a natural immunity to it while thinking it was just a common cold or flu?

    Why don’t the fuckin’ idiot Canadian politicians from any political party or the fuckin’ idiots at CBC & CTV broadcast some perspective? I’m a heavy haul, commercial truck driver. I haul heavy equipment all over Alberta. I constantly see people distracting themselves with various types of phone technology while driving. For the record, I never drive while UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF CELL PHONE or RADIO. Co-workers and, especially, employers are always bitching and moaning that I’m not easy to contact during the day. I was nearly run over by a driver of a passenger vehicle, with a cell phone in hand, after my truck broke down along Highway 2. To avoid being killed I had to jump over the guard rail into the center meridian. Why are COVID-19 statistics not being compared to daily traffic injury/death statistics in Canada, or anywhere else in North America? Why not, every day, compare COVID-19 to daily flu, cancer, smoking, ebola virus, hanta-virus, bird flu, aids or any other form of illness and death under the sun? Why not publicize, daily, that death is a part of life? The international medical industry has served, very well, to overpopulate planet Earth with cancerous, industrialized humanity. Doesn’t illness and disease exist to naturally control humanity’s population while naturally strengthening humanity’s immune system? Is a large percentage of people afraid of death because no one ever talks publicly about it?

    Seems to me, with every new illness that comes along all types of media quickly develops tunnel vision while dropping multiple point-of-view journalism; effectively censoring public information, creating unjust fear and panic.

    Politicians see and use fear of the unknown to get what their party wants, even if what they want is not good for Canada as a whole or its long term. Rules for the Political Party system are made by politicians for politicians, not for the average person of any country. That’s why they lie so much. That’s why politicians enjoy, in my opinion, over inflated annual wages and retirement packages while raising taxes on everyone else, except the rich because of the many tax loopholes. While Canada’s workforce is sitting at home losing wages, being over taxed and surrounded by paranoia, politicians won’t have to apply for wage benefits because they get fully paid whether they work or not.

    What would Canadian politics be like if the political party system was abolished and replaced with independent politicians who don’t have to keep in agreement with a political party? I don’t remember how many Conservative MP’s fuckin’ idiot Steven Harper sent to the back-bench because they weren’t going to vote how he wanted them to. Anyone paying attention already knows Justin Trudeau has turned into a sneaky liar because of a corrupt political system. Just like many of his predecessors and some current colleagues. Those in support of him maybe don’t understand the harm some of his decisions have made to Canadian democracy or don’t give a shit because, in the end, they will get what they wanted all along.

    Paranoia, paranoia… all I hear is paranoia. If one is sick, stay home and practice good hygiene; just like a reasonable, responsible, informed person would do with a defeatable sickness. Why shut down the whole world? People die everyday, regardless.

    Fact: If I don’t die in an avoidable traffic collision created by a distracted driver, an illness will get me, regardless of age.
  • David Wasmuth
    signed via 2020-03-30 14:29:16 -0600
  • Austen Hrysko
    signed 2020-03-30 14:25:49 -0600
  • Wendy Bonham
    signed 2020-03-30 12:54:54 -0600
  • Gordon Miller
    signed via 2020-03-30 12:39:34 -0600
  • Brian warren
    signed 2020-03-30 12:15:24 -0600
    Liberal government must be removed
  • Liem Nguyen
    signed 2020-03-30 11:26:32 -0600
    Liem Nguyen
  • Adam MacEachern
    signed via 2020-03-30 11:18:59 -0600
  • Brett Klumpp
    signed 2020-03-30 11:18:47 -0600
  • David & Noelle Read
    signed 2020-03-30 09:37:59 -0600
    Hard to believe the Liberals who used to

    claim to be defenders of democracy would stoop so low as to attempt to sneak a bill like this through under cover of the crisis we are dealing with.
  • Joanne Barton
    signed via 2020-03-30 09:07:09 -0600
  • Brian Bergen
    signed 2020-03-30 09:01:17 -0600
    Brian Bergen